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Due to some changes introduced by the manufacturer in the names and specifications of certain pumps, supplied with PPC calibrators (and - in future - with APC and ASC300-R ones as well), related brochure and order forms were revised
New page added with company presentation (in Russian) in Macromedia Flash format

"Vacancies" page added

Site map implemented

Complete reference list available on "Selected Customers" page

TC305, PC106 and ATC 155 A/B production being discontinued, order forms on TC305 and PC106 calibrators excluded from the "Order forms" page, while "Model ATC-R series digital calibrators" order form was revised (ATC 155 calibrator excluded)

For the same reason TC305P and PC106P were excluded from "Modules and panel mounted instruments" brochure on test benches and replaced by multifunction modular panel mounted MC5P-R calibrator
A new paper "PC6 Pressure Calibrators", published "Legal and Applied Metrology" magazine, added to "Articles" section, reporting on long term stability tests of these instruments.
In response to requests of visitors and for ease of use, order forms on the related page of our web site were unzipped
New information added to WDG-IV and WDG-HPII brochures related to the pattern approval certification of WDG-HPII and CM and M versions of the said flue gas analyzers.
Information on series 5900 UHP moisture analyzers for semiconductor industry added to "Moisture Analyzers" and "Brochures" sections.
Preliminary information on series ETC temperature calibrators added to "Temperature calibrators" and "Brochures" sections. Order form on series CTC calibrators extended to cover series ETC calibrators as well.
Preliminary information on MC5-R intrinsically safe version - MC5-R-IS - added to "Multifunction calibrators", "Brochures" and "Order forms" sections.
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