Level Meters and Switches
E3 Modulevel Displacer Level Transmitter
Eclipse 706 guided wave radar level transmitter
WDG-V Flue Gas Analyzers
Measurement of oxygen in a range of 0...100%
Explosion proof field unit SIL 2
Thermatel TA2 Thermal Mass Flow Meter
Direct mass flow measurement of air and other gases
Excellent low flow sensitivity
RTC-R Series Temperature Calibrators
Temperature range from -100°С to +700°С
Excellent accuracy (up to ±0.04°С) and stability (up to ±0.005°С)

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years of successful operating worldwide
16 000
pieces of equipment supplied
1 500
end users including 135 centers of metrology
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HART DD Beamex MC6 (-R)

List of supported HART instruments extended for Beamex MC6, version “-R”, Beamex MC6-Ex, version (-R) Multifunction Calibrators and Communicators and Beamex MC6-T, version (-R) Multifunction Calibrator and Communicator with built-in dry-block.

04 November 2022 г. | New Products
Mass spectrometers’ discontinuation

ProLine and ProMaxion Mass Spectrometers discontinued.

01 November 2022 г. | New Products
Magnetrol products added

The information on the following Magnetrol products added to the “Pressure, Level and Flow Measurement” section:

04 August 2022 г. | Site News
Genesis multiphase detector

Unique Genesis multiphase detector, capable to accurately measure up to four layers in interface level measurement applications added to our product range 

04 August 2022 г. | New Products
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